WAFA Incubation & Innovation Centre TM

Concept Note

Local to Global with Low Tech Low Cost – High Impact


Since 2008, WAFA has identified, certified, and promoted exceptional pioneers in community water, air, and food security. In this light, WAFA is also working with regional universities to develop WAFA Incubation and Innovation Centres (WIIC). WIICs will enable these “silent heroes” to develop dynamic, mutually productive partnerships with universities, impact investors, and allied organizations to share their breakthroughs with the world.

As a campus nexus for community entrepreneurs, the academic community, impact investors, allied organizations and philanthropists, a WIIC will foster the synergy needed to scale and replicate these breakthroughs on the global scale in order to solve our global sustainability challenges.

WIIC membership gains access to a catalogue of 401 proven sustainability breakthroughs, certified to global standards. With this resource, members can explore productive partnerships to scale these breakthroughs far beyond their original community environment.


WIIC Roles

  • Provide a venue for sustainability entrepreneurs to share low- tech/low cost/high impact innovations with students, academics, other sustainability entrepreneurs, and the wider community;
  • Provide a platform for impact investors: e.g. seed funding, in-kind services, mentorship;
  • Inspire students, academics, and other stakeholders to start up their own projects;
  • Foster awareness of local and global development challenges and local solutions on campus and beyond, which align with Sustainable Development Goals.  Provide students interested in social entrepreneurship a unique exchange opportunity by visiting the local innovation.
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