‘People usually think of  youth as the future generation, but let’s be the NOW generation, and be a key part of solving local and global problems ourselves’.

WAFA Youth Founder and AmbassadorAyrton Cable

WAFA Youth Awards

WAFA Youth’s vision is to involve a whole generation of young people in changing the world, and especially to ensure everyone has enough safe water to drink, enough food to keep them healthy, and clean air to breathe.

It makes no sense that there is more than enough food for everyone on the planet, and yet one in eight people go to bed hungry every day – many of them children! A similar number – mostly the same people who go hungry – lack access to safe water and fall sick with preventable diseases like cholera and typhoid.

WAFA Youth was founded by then 11 year old award winning Ayrton Cable, a leading young social activist. Since speaking in the UK Parliament at the age of nine, Ayrton has campaigned on issues mostly relating to how we can feed the world, no one left out.

How to participate

The energy, inspiration, and passion of youth are vital if we are to succeed in our mission.
The WAFA Youth Award is accessed by applying for the standard WAFA Award. Entries whose senior leadership are aged under 30 are automatically eligible.

Award criteria

In WAFA Youth evaluations, we place a good deal of emphasis on embodying the I-CARE values. Our patron Prem Rewat speaks about how peace starts with each one of us, inside of ourselves, and how that is essential for a world that works. The I-CARE values are a powerful expression of inner peace.

I–C.A.R.E. stands for:


These values are critical for all young social activists – indeed all social activists irrespective of age! – to really ‘be the change’ they seek to see in the world, and lead wisely and compassionately.

WAFA Youth Award works in collaboration with:

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