WAFA Team -The Making of a Global Movement

WAFA Team increasingly orchestrates the network of stakeholders, who work together to create our global awards platform.
We are a handful of professionals who have volunteered to make Water Air Food Awards a global sustainability movement. We invite everyone to join us in recognizing those people, who empower the poor and forgotten in their communities.  They are the silent heroes, the silent warriors.

Many of us have access to clean water, clean air and nutritious food. Many of us don’t. Our team is convinced a dignified life starts with fulfilling these basic needs for  all of us.

As you may have gathered by now, we are purpose-driven and share our passion with everyone who wishes to be part of making this world a better place – a beautiful place.

“It’s my strong believe that every human being has right for clean water, air and food. Working with WAFA gives me immense pleasure as WAFA strives to identify exceptional pioneers in sustainability initiative and creates hope to make a smiling world”.

Dr. Sneha Sinha

Chief Corporate Relations Officer, Global

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