What is WAFA?

WAFA (Water Air Food Awards) is a forward-thinking NGO, headquartered in Copenhagen, that identifies and celebrates environmentally-savvy “silent heroes” around the world – people whose low-cost, high impact solutions (primarily in developing countries) are having a positive impact in their local communities.
Founded in 2008, WAFA is staffed by an international team of volunteers – academics, professionals and business leaders with a shared passion for a sustainable, healthy planet.

WAFA supports United Nation’s Global Compact, signed EU Brussels’ Declaration Pledge to Peace, is a member of World Green Design Organization Brussels, and contributes to UN Sustainable Development Goals: #1, #2, #6, #7, #11,#12, #13, #15, #17

WAFA’s four Patrons are globally respected movers and shakers who provide WAFA with a wide range of mentoring, inspiration, and support.

Since 2010, WAFA has presented awards to 14 “silent heroes” around the world. Our award winners were selected from 33 finalists who, in turn, were selected from 74 award candidates, chosen from 401 applicants from 82 countries. Each and every one of WAFA’s award winners is ground-breaking pioneers whose low-cost, high-impact innovations have created significant, measurable value in their local communities. WAFA’s Award Celebrations continue to raise public awareness about sustainable environmental solutions, open doors to government engagement and funding, increase media coverage, and encourage winners to share their solutions with other communities.

WAFA’s committee of environmental experts evaluates nominees based on a rigorous set of criteria. Indeed, KPMG (a global network of professional audit, tax, and advisory services), has reported that WAFA’s award program meets the highest international standards and is the only humanitarian award-giving organization in the world that addresses three key life-sustaining categories: water, air, and food. WAFA award finalists are featured on www.wafaward.org as yet another way to inform the public of their environmentally-savvy innovations and to further promote WAFA’s nomination and crowd-sourced voting process. Bottom line, WAFA celebrates award winners’ achievements, raises their global profile, and helps facilitate the process of award winners interacting with their growing network of fans and followers.

This year, WAFA will be launching its Climate Youth Award. Our Ambassador Team will nominate schools and other local entrepreneurs who are doing exemplary, climate remediation work. Towards that end, two of WAFA’s volunteers have recently written and produced “One Lit Candle” (Song for Greta) – a climate change anthem that further calls attention to the work of climate change activists around the world.
In 2018, WAFA’s message reached 60 million people in Latin America, South Africa, Nigeria, India, and Denmark and other countries around the world. Increased philanthropic funding will enable WAFA to further extend its reach and continue fulfilling its inspired mission of becoming “the humanitarian Oscars” in service to the Earth’s unsung silent heroes. Check out recent winners: Silent Heroes Around the World.

With Your Help, We are Making The World a Better Place

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