Foundation for Waste (Fundación Basura)

Foundation for Waste (FFW) transforms landfill sites into constructive waste depots to facilitate recycling, reuse, composting and behaviour modification to create a zero waste lifestyle. This shift reduces pollution and improves the environment. FFW works with large events to avoid the use of non-recyclable materials and then to recycle what is used. FFW has participated in more than 20 events, recovering up to 99% of the waste generated and preventing eight tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions. The web platform, “” (dump site), disseminates creative, architectural art and design projects using recycled materials. Online courses have enrolled 11,000 participants to date. The project collaborates with 55 organizations and has a social network community of over 32,000 members…. [read more]

Waste Deposit & Recycling
11,000 trained

FUPROSOMUNIC – Family Health Program 

FUPROSOMUNIC has mobilized community groups, largely women, to develop healthier lifestyles: constructing solar ovens and food dryers, as well as learning about nutrition, bio-intensive home gardening, water purification, child care and other important topics. They have built over 745 solar ovens, diminished indoor air pollution considerably and lessening deforestation. Successive health improvements have followed from nutrition training and the gardening program, which also generates household income…. [read more]

Healthy Homes
745 Solars

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